ICT Enabled Class Rooms

ICT used in the classroom is important for giving students opportunities for effective learning. In current scenario, it has been observed that application and adoption of ICT at all levels, would definitely contribute and enhance productivity, effectiveness and procedural growth. It is evident that the use of ICT in education adds a lot of value to key learning areas like literacy and numeracy.

The benefit of ICT in education is of such that students in the classroom can learn from the curriculum material. Students with special needs are no longer at a disadvantage as they have access to essential material and special ICT tools can be used by students for their own educational needs.

Our Institution has Projectors installed in class rooms, computer lab, commerce lab and seminar halls to enable the teachers to give Power Point and audio visual presentations. The students also use this facility to give their presentations on subjects that facilitates learning and presentation skills.

ICT Facilities in Class Rooms & Seminar Halls:

  •  LCD Projector
  •  Computer
  •  Internet/LAN Facility
  •  Wi-Fi Facility