The objective of organizing personal and inter personal skills is to help students to discover their potentials, develop their talents and aesthetic sense, to inculcate soft skills that would be helpful for healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship and teamwork in order to cultivate sincere respect for the individual person's dignity, freedom and equality.

Give importance to the spiritual formation of our students of other faiths, who form the vast majority in our institutions. Assist them to develop a personal set of values and principles and become persons of character and integrity, internalizing the social aspects of their religious traditions and thus leading them to experience personal well-being. Educate the students and staff to accept and respect differences based on religion and culture and nurture inter-religious spirit. Shape them into citizens who are morally sound and have personal conviction, deep compassion, competence and commitment, to the larger world community.

Advocating the social and societal transformation is a major goal and mission of the institution. Our education mission, in the context of India today and the India of tomorrow, is the recreation of human lives, communities and the wider society. The Eco Club, Social Leadership Club, Women's Cell, NSS and AICUF equip the students with skills to work on the transformation of the society with commitment.