Secretary’s Message

Foundation of Educational Endeavour by the Society of Sisters of St. Anne

The Society of Sisters of St. Anne – Madras was founded in a village near Chennai by the Servant of God Mother Thatipathri Gnanamma, a young Widow hailing from Phirangipuram, Guntur District in the Year 1874.  But she began the ministry of Education for Girls in the village in 1863 as the crying need of the times was Education for Girls. In the fulfillment of the Education mission, the society follows the inner spirit of its foundress who aspired to educate young women in faith and knowledge for more than a century and half.

The Educational Institutions of the Society have an important missionary aim to help the young people to have integral growth. Hence Faith Formation and value based education assume great relevance in the Apostolate of education.

Birth of the College

St. Anne’s Degree College for Women, affiliated to Bangalore University had its beginning in the year 2005. It is a legacy of our Foundress to the Society of Sisters of St. Anne, realized through the visionary spirit of the President & Superior General of the Society. She dreamt and actualized it in a view to continue the faith formation and Value orientation among the students who pass out of our Educational Institutors after their Pre-University and Higher Secondary level of Education.

Goals of the Annite’s mission of Education

St. Anne’s now has opened its possibilities focusing on developing its youngsters into best Teenagers to be aware of their standing in the competent society. The College has set a remarkable record in the academics with several University Ranks to its credit from the first batch of Students. The Value system, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities and campus placement tag a name to the institution. This vouches Annites’s service to the Student community and its commitment for innovation in Education.


  • To see Education as a spiritual ministry of service and to nurture a culture of Faith among students.
  • To impart an education of quality and relevance to the marginalized sections of the society and thus express our solidarity with them and our commitment to Justice, equity and love for all.
  • To make Education as an instrument to free persons from the social conditioning
  • To Challenge both the students and the staff to become sensitive to the pluralistic nature of our culture and to cross the many narrow borders and walls so as to contribute to the evolution of a seamless society
  • To humanize and contextualize the students by assisting them to raise essential questions concerning the meaning of life and of their role in the society.
  • To form the young to grow as women of Character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment.
  • To lead the young to be aware of the inalienable human rights of every individual and group and enable them to become conscious of their responsibility to promote the common good by sharing their time and talents with other disadvantaged students.
  • To energize the young to take up the task of contributing to Nation Building, to evolve a new inclusive society of their dreams, which they can own with pride and Joy.

Implementation Strategies

The Institution ensures the holistic and integral development of every student in all the dimensions by imparting

  • Spiritual Formation through Value education
  • Nation Building through NSS and Red Cross Units
  • Social awareness programmes through various clubs
  • Emotional Literacy through Counseling
  • Feminism and Sex Education through Women’s Cell
  • Ecological Education through Eco Club


The secret of our success in the education arena is the proud historical lineage of our Mother Ganamma from whom we derive strength to promote and  propagate  empowerment and to stand the changing times and challenging opportunities. Down the years this enabled us to touch each succeeding generation of our College to turn the make-believe to be real with tips of new ventures, new growth and new prospects. 

We are into a great mission of preparing talented, responsible, ethical and educated leaders. In a changing world our college combines ability, stability, nobility and innovation that enhances significant knowledge, professional skills, moral values and integrated personality.

The college provides student based learning-centered experiences, contributes to generate new ideas in view of creating future leaders and promotes the efforts of staff and students to experiment with new practices and evaluate the impact on their personal and social development. 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”.

This quotation from Harriet Tubman is proved to be true through our Planning and Practice, Passion and Possibilities, winning the confidence of the Public through Progression.


Sr. Margaret Julie