St.Anne’s Degree College has been making steady progress in different fields of education and   I  feel confident that our college has made impressive efforts in imparting a globalized education to enable our students to make the best of the challenges and opportunities  it offers.

Our institution is deeply committed to promoting and supporting effective learning and teaching.  The leadership is truly visionary and inspirational.  The mission is to provide students with a challenging environment where they are empowered to take their own decisions which are relevant to themselves, the Institution and society at large.

The youthfulness, enthusiasm and hard work by our students, the creative dedication by our staff, all this under the dynamic leadership of the management is really remarkable.  The institution helps students to shape their career with the guidance of an excellent faculty team and facilities which are second to none.  Every member is valued and responsive to society.   Moral values and ethics are emphasized upon.

The challenges that face students in modern life are numerous and complex.  In order to deal with them successfully, graduates must be fully equipped, well rounded and focused on their proposed paths to success.  In this endeavour St Anne’s college provides certificate course in personality development for students.

Wishing you the very best that life has to offer.

Prof. Nisha Joseph Cyriac